"Good" Organizational Reasons for "Bad" Cybersecurity: Ethnographic Study of 30 Danish SMEs

The present report draws on material collected during a nine-month, multi-sited ethnographic study of 30 SMEs in Denmark. The focus is on the current condition of cybersecurity in
SMEs. These companies are seen as a potential target for cyberattacks because of their high
level of digitalization, yet they lack formal processes, auditing, and risk assessment.

Executive summary 

  1. Project background and aim 
  2. The ethnographic study: Methods, scope, and sampling 
  3. Local cybersecurity responsibility 
  4. Local cybersecurity knowledge 
  5. Local cybersecurity practices 
  6. Stakeholder workshop 
  7. Implications for a cybersecurity dialogue in the future
  8. References in order of appearance 
Årstal: 2023
Udarbejdet af: Aalborg universitet på vegne af Digitaliseringsstyrelsen
Antal sider: 33